Planning Your Perfect Wedding Abroad

The most cherished and love-affirming day of your life needs the perfect backdrop.

For many of you, staying local to get hitched isn’t exactly inspiring and getting married abroad offers the perfect - and at many times cost effective - escape for the most unforgettably romantic experience.

Wedding large Planning Your Perfect Wedding Abroad

Where would you rather clink champagne glasses? There’s an array of amazingly iconic destinations to choose from to suit your ideal wedding (or honeymoon), as specialist as it may be. Imagine saying your vows barefoot on a soft white sandy beach meeting clear ocean waters in the Maldives whilst being kissed by sweet sunshine. Perhaps an alternative ceremony on top of the Empire State building with breathtaking panoramic views of the Big Apple is more for you - if you’re a city lover at heart. Nature lovers can go European and celebrate amidst beautiful rolling hills in an Italian location. Adventurers can travel to an exotic paradise like Bali to tie the knot beneath the glinting stars in a magical, tropical setting.

Planning your wedding is personal, that’s why at Tripmule we source great real-life trip operators to give that human touch to every vacation that they plan - with special extras that a computer can’t give you!

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