On Route In The USA

Where do we start? The USA is big in every aspect; we’re talking food portions, mountains, cars, malls… But also big on diversity.

When it comes to holidays, there’s something here to suit every interest and taste which is why we rate it as one of our ultimately favourite destinations. Head to the East Coast’s New England to see architecture and quaint towns dating back to colonial times and visit the home of the Ivy League Colleges brimming with the best brains on the continent.

Travel Image of USA USA

If you enjoy lobster, it simply wouldn’t be right not to visit Maine or Cape Cod for the freshest and most delicious sea creatures of their species. Further down the coast urban appetites can be satisfied with the plenty of city chic from skyscraper-laden NYC to the hip outskirts of Brooklyn and Williamsburg.

If you’re feeling rustic rural scenery and finger lickin’ BBQ, southern states like Texas or South Carolina will be the ones for you. Thirst for adventure? With landscapes like Yellowstone geysers, fancy Aspen’s ski slopes to the Grand Canyon your adrenaline to explore will be truly quenched.

But everyone needs to relax! Slow your pace in sundrenched California where life is more relaxed thanks to the surfing, yoga and freethinking culture. Nightlife is buzzing though and there’s lots of movie star spotting to be done, especially in Los Angeles. With Cali’s large hispanic population you can expect fusion food and with the Napa valley, you can savour some of the best wines in the country. Similarly, the sunshine state of Florida is also blessed with a coastline of stunning beaches.

We’ll stop there and leave you to discover the rest. And don’t forget, America and road trips is like bread is to butter.

Travel Image of USA
Travel Image of USA
Travel Image of USA