MarioMario is responsible for driving the Tripmule brand and technology forward. Mario has a background in design, and a passion (more like obsession) with clean, simple and beautiful user interfaces.

Favourite Destination: Portugal

LouisLouis is constantly looking for innovative ways to plan and book for travel. He loves travelling (obviously) and anything related to tech; bit of a gadget freak! With a background in Finance & Business Development Louis is looking for ways to put Tripmule on the map.

Favourite Destination: South Africa

ChristianaChristiana loves all things creative and engaging. She is responsible for all media communications and marketing, and goes the extra mile to get an engaging audience. Christiana is looking at all marketing activities that will get travellers excited about using Tripmule.

Favourite Destination: Greek Islands

PrashPrash is the product lead behind Tripmule, responsible for constant changes and development requirements of the platform. Prash has a background in back-end and platform development, and is always looking for ways to make processes more efficient.

Favourite Destination: Switzerland

Who's who?

We don't like to slap titles on to our names; that's to say that whether a decision is business related or tech related we all have a say!

If you insist though, please address any business queries to Louis, marketing to Christiana, partnerships to Mario and tech & development to Prash.

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