Discover Your Passion for Fiesta in Spain

Spain might be known for its glorious beaches but did you know it’s the second most mountainous country in Europe?

From the Pyrenees to the renowned ski destination Sierra Nevada, Spain’s diverse landscape gives you the privilege to choose between the best of  both worlds.

But wherever you decide to explore, you’re guaranteed to experience the Spaniards’ infectious passion for fiesta - where else do you find hoards of people throwing tomatoes at each other at La Tomatina?! Spain exudes its internationally recognised culture with its high spirited flamenco dancing, free-flowing sangria, exciting food scene (the most famous restaurant in the world, El Bulli, was located here) and constant laid back vibes.

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The country’s blazing creativity can be found in all its corners; Madrid homes 60 world class museums including the Prado Museum - one of the world’s most important art galleries, the Guggenheim stands quirkily in Bilbao and Gaudi’s work can be found throughout Barcelona. Heading south to Andalusia, monuments of a more historical genre with strong Moorish influence can be found amongst Granada’s Alhambra palace and Aracena’s intriguing builds relating to the Templar Knights. However if it’s cocktails and fancy night scene you wish for - Marbella is the nearby ultimate party hotspot.

For sun worshippers, the coastline of Costa Brava is teaming with beach coves; an ideal setting for enjoying grilled seafood and lobster. There, the sea is a lens into fantastic underwater scenery that makes it popular with snorkelers and divers. And if you feel like getting in touch with nature, you won’t find greener than the lush pastures of the valleys in the Pas region of Northern Spain, a real insight into authentic village living - plus there’s a famous spa there too!

But it doesn’t stop there, the Balearic islands of Mallorca, Ibiza and Menorca are just a boat trip away…

Travel Image of Spain
Travel Image of Spain
Travel Image of Spain