Dive into culture in Italy

Deep-rooted in historical grandeur, mouth-watering cuisine and brimming with natural beauty; Italy’s alluring charm will enchant anyone who visits.

Not just pizzerias and Roman ruins – Italy encompasses a mix of regions and varied landscapes! You can find ultimate Zen in the idyllic Lake Como overlooked by the snowy Rhaetian Alps to discovering Europe’s largest volcano Mt Etna in Eastern Sicily. Romantics will swoon over a Venetian gondola ride, fashionistas will be seen shopping nearby Milan’s magnificent marble monument el Duomo and historians will be intrigued by the ruins of Pompeii.

Travel Image of Italy The Parthenon, Italy

As a country with art and architecture embedded in its heritage with the legendary works of Michelangelo and Leonardo di Vinci, you can soak up culture in the abundance of world class art museums or be enthralled by the likes of the Vatican City and the iconic Colosseum in Italy’s distinguished capital of Rome. Not to mention gastronomes will be in pure delight in Europe’s ultimate foodie destination. From sipping regional wines alfresco and savouring authentic Italian produce like Emilia Romagna's speciality Parma Ham - to dining at the well-renowned, three Michelin star restaurant Osteria Francescana serving creatively-spun Italian dishes.

Outdoor types will want to road-trip the rolling Tuscan hills of sweeping pastoral countryside or marvel at the breath-taking peaks of the Dolomites. Hedonists will take to Italy’s coastline dotted with sun-kissed beaches to dip their toes into the lush turquoise waters such as in much-loved coastal village Portofino exuding rustic charm. Or even island-hop to the surrounding islands such as Capri and Sardinia.

Yup, Italy is truly diverse, like we said - there's something for everyone!

Travel Image of Italy
Travel Image of Italy
Travel Image of Italy