Group Holidays

Whether you’re a group of friends in need of a change from reality, colleagues looking for team-building fun abroad, or simply wanting to plan the perfect stag or hen getaway, there are some fantastic destinations that best suit groups of holiday makers.

Travel Image of Group Group Holidays

We’re talking Ibiza, Benidorm, the Balearic islands, Zante and the Algarve for golden beaches by day and buzzing nightlife by night - the type to keep you dancing until the early hours of the morning. These locations tend to be popular due to plentiful accommodation catering for larger groups and since they’re all located in Europe, it’s cost effective and time-saving to get there!

If tall snowy peaks and log fires are more your thing, the French Alps offers the blissful combination of hiking or skiing during the day to enjoying the rewarding apres ski culture in the evening. But why not try something completely different? Learning something new is always fun in a group. Try your hand at scuba-diving to explore the underwater world of marine life in top diving destinations like Malta or the Canary islands, or even taking a culinary course in Morocco to learn about exotic ingredients and the ever so scrumptious Berber tagine pot cooking.

Then again, you could just take the girls to NYC for a Sex And The City inspired shopping trip. Credit card? Check!