Get Mythological in Greece

A myriad of things come into mind when we think of Greece; the Olympic Games, the Spartans, legends and myths… it’s literally the definition of living history.

Even if you were teleported there blindfolded, you’d instantly recognise the unique culture and distinctive architecture of this iconic destination.

Travel Image of Greece USA

Satisfy your inner Indiana Jones with the abundance of archaeological sites this country has to offer. Start off with Athen’s Acropolis and the Parthenon before exploring medieval castles and ruins dotted around the Argolid and Corinthia. Delving into the heart of Greece, Meteora brings you tall cliffs topped with 14th century monasteries and the beautiful oracle of Delphi is a peaceful sanctuary for spiritualists. Further north of Greece, keen hikers will love Mount Olympus, or if you simply want to relax, Halkidiki is perfect for discovering secret bays.

And did we mention island hopping? From the Cyclades that include well known Mykonos and Santorini to the blue azure waters of the Ionian islands of Crete and Rhodes, you’ll simply be spoilt for choice. For even more seclusion, go off the beaten track to Skiathos and Skopello (featured in Mamma Mia) and enjoy the bucketfuls of sweet sunshine on offer.

But don’t forget! When in Greece, do like the Greeks. Swap fish and chips for grilled seabass, octopus and snapper plucked hours earlier from the Aegean and Mediterranean sea. Potter through the maze of narrow cobbled lanes in the authentic villages and stop for a cheeky galatoboureko (custard filled pastry) or a flaky filo baklava before washing it all down with a deliciously strong Greek coffee.

Take it easy, you’re in Greece!

Travel Image of Greece
Travel Image of Greece
Travel Image of Greece