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Can I actually get a better deal by using a travel agent directly rather than just booking online?
If by deal you mean a better price, a more customised holiday and customer service from a real person – then the answer is yes.

Is there a cost to submitting a request?
No. Tripmule is commitment-free and once you’re signed up, you can have multiple requests of destinations throughout the year.

How many travel agents will receive my request?
This could vary from 5 to 20 travel agents – our "mule-machine" takes your request and specifies how many agents it should be sent to depending on the information you have provided, in order for you to get the maximum benefit.

Will all travel agents have access to my contact details?
No. The reason why we require travellers to register is so that all communication takes place through our in-house messaging system and dashboard. Once you feel happy with a given travel agent, then you are free to share your contact details with them.

How long will it take for me to receive an answer?
We can’t answer that for certain but we urge all our travel providers to give you a response within 24 to 48 hours.

How do I book a holiday once I have found the right provider and itinerary?
Tripmule doesn’t get involved in the booking process so you are free to book your travel plans directly with the travel provider.

How can I be sure I am matched with good quality travel providers?
We do as much as we can to screen all travel providers who register through Tripmule – we ask them if they’re a member of a professional travel body (such as ABTA) as well as their company registration details so that we can verify they are an operating travel company. We also take full contact details of all travel providers and all details related to the products and services they offer so that you are matched based on the preferences you selected. Lastly, travel providers pay Tripmule a small fee for receiving your trip request, which means “their skin is in the game”.

If you’re still unsure about booking through a Tripmule Provider read some of our tips here about booking with a travel agent >>>>
• Ask the travel provider if they have a secure online booking system you can use to pay
• Ask if they are a member of a professional trade body, such as ATOL, ABTA, ASTA, IATA etc.
• Ask for a confirmation of the itinerary before making a final payment, or ask to make a deposit payment and a balance payment upon confirmation.

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