For Adventure and Adrenaline Junkies

There’s a difference between simply visiting a country and actually delving into its core through adventure and exploration. With no boundaries, you’ll immediately experience an intense hit of the destination’s character, culture and landscape.

Travel Image of Adventure For Adventure and Adrenaline Junkies

Apart from North America’s well known incredible sights and scenery, South America’s a melting pot of fascinating once-in-a-life time activities such as trekking Peru’s famous inca trail, hiking and biking in Uruguay and surfing Columbia’s smooth waves. Equally, Africa is perfect for discovering abundant wildlife as you safari through mountainous and lusciously green terrain whilst chewing on bags of delicious biltong or dry wors - or wichetty grubs if you’re on expedition in Australia! South East Asia offers an even bigger gastronomical adventure for food enthusiasts with bustling markets and exotic street cuisine within the likes of Bangkok, Hanoi and Laos.

Fancy something even more remote? Catch a boat trip and tour the Thai islands through the Andaman sea for a once in a lifetime beach experience. Jet off north and get lost in history in Japan with ancient Kyoto temples before teleporting a millennium forwards and visiting the insanely futuristic urban landscape of the Shimbashi business district of Tokyo. Perhaps test your strength on a more courageous expedition; trek through the Nepalese himalayas or completely go off the beaten track and ride a camel through an Arabian desert.

That’s not to say there’s no adrenaline fix in Europe. Climbing Mont Blanc in France or the Dolomites of Italy is definitely not for the weak and for those seeking Arctic wanderlust, travellers will enjoy hot-spring dipping, discovering volcanic mountains in ‘the centre of the earth’, whale watching and acquiring a taste for dried fish!

Get imaginative, the world really is your oyster.

Travel Image of Adventure
Travel Image of Adventure
Travel Image of Adventure